CK Wraps Premium Member Testimonials

Great page to learn a series of different ways to wrap cars. A versatile platform to learn different applications. Highly recommend for all beginners. ~ Sergio Palacios
I have learned a lot by watching ur videos, ur an inspiration! I
Thanks for the training videos ill hope to see a lot more and thanks for ur fast reply on questions. ~ Hassan Helweh
I found started to follow Ckwraps 2 years ago from Youtube. During that time i wasn't too sure is it worth of joining membership here.
But after i join here, all i can say is if u want to learn the skill more in detail don't hesitate to click the join button.
I learn lots of wrapping skill from the video, 2 years ago i'm still a beginner in wrap industry and now i own a car wrapping shop.

Thanks to Christian, u gave me confidence and your video helps me whenever i had a problem during wrapping. Thanks!

Edward from Malaysia ~ Edward Goh
What can I say

CK wraps is the pinnacle of professionalism ... Incredible team ... Brilliance in teaching ... and tutorials are second to none ... Christian the owner of CK wraps will take your skillset to another level in wrapping ...

CK wraps ultimately is pure gold for anyone who is interested in becoming a seasoned professional in vinyl wrapping ... Christian and his team ... have put together a winning combination in new-age wrapping techniques and skill-sets ... tutored to a level which would allow a man ... or woman to wrap anything comprehensively on their own .

I highly recommend this company for anyone wanting to get into the wrap game ... With Christians huge array of knowledge and wisdom in this area ... It'd be disappointing to me for anyone to miss out on this great opportunity ... to become a seasoned professional in vinyl wrapping.

Guys ... All I can say is ... Sign up for a years membership with ckwraps .

You won't regret it .


Bruce . United Kingdom 👑 ~ Bruce Elijah Lumsden
This helps a lot trust me I just got started and ckwraps has been so much help at first I wasn’t sure about joining but now I can tell you and be 100% sure you learn a lot more than in YouTube. ~ Josue Orozco
Wonderful videos ~ Stefan Wallgard
Really happy with the membership and quality of videos. ~ Ravjin
The premium membership with CKwraps has been an awesome tool for me moving forward with my wraps. CK is attentive and takes his time to help with any questions we have along the way. Definitely wouldn't be where I am today without CK. Thanks ~ Vince
love the forum, have learned already so much from it. 8.99 / month is really priceless compared to the videos and information you learn from this platform. Thanks CK! ~ Antoine
love this platform. Worth every penny. Videos are 10 x better than youtube ones! ~ Sina P
love the website! the info on the forum is so helpful. It has helped me save so much money on my DIY projects! Thank you CK for this platform. ~ Dario Fanitti
Worth every penny! I would recommend this to anyone ! ~ Jimmy