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The Invisible Seam - Using a Butt Joint

Sometimes you end up in a situation where you need to do a seam because you're either not able to maintain the finish or your skill level isn't allowing you to do the job in one piece. This Invisible Seam is a great way to cover up and hide the seam you may not want to do but it'll allow you to still be proud of your work

Vinyl Wrap Wallrack System - Inexpensive

The most inexpensive and durable vinyl wrap wall rack system you'll ever find. Easy to install and saves you hundreds of dollars from buying something premade by someone else. It adds functionality and also esthetics to your workspace.

Ferrari Lusso front fender wrap - Logo & Grill Workaround

Sometimes it really isn't efficient to remove certain things from a car. In this case removing the fender logo as well as fender grill inserts is very time consuming. With patience skill and the right tools, you can achieve a great result. On top of this we also save time.

Easy - Tesla Model X Lower Hatch Wrap

When glassing out the film and masking off the upper edge it makes laying into the rear license plate area much easier. If the recess is too deep it will require an inlay but in this situation the recess is mild and the film will adhere until the wrap is removed.

Disassembly - Remove And Dismantle Tesla Model X Rear Chrome Trim

It can be a struggle trying to wrap around the lettering on the rear chrome trim of a Tesla. 
In this video I explain and show you how to remove the trim and dismantle it to make things much easier and your installation cleaner.

Easy - Tesla Model X rear bumper wrap

Probably one of the easiest rear bumper wraps you'll ever do. In most situations it doesn't require you to remove and lights or grill pieces.

Cutting and trimming around sensors can be tricky. The film can also fail around the sensors once they're trimmed out. The reason why is because we need to stretch the film across and over the sensors. If we trim the sensors out afterwards, there is a good chance that the film will pull away (finger) around the sensors. You can try removing the sensors and tucking the film in but in my experience this isn't often successful. The gasket rings which go around the sensors give you very little if any room at all to tuck the film in and then re-install the sensors. So when you try to put the sensors back in it ends up pushing the film back out.

Very DIFFICULT - Toyota Corolla Taillight Tint

These are some of the most difficult tail lights I've ever tinted. Even after tinting them many times it still takes me more than one try to get them right. I show you how to go about tinting these lights but they may still take more than one attempt

Advanced - Tesla Model X One Piece Hatch Wrap - Spoiler Workaround

In this video I show you how to wrap around the Tesla Model X spoiler while at the same time wrapping the hatch in one piece.

Sometimes we're not able to remove objects from the vehicle. In these situations we need to adapt and be able to work around while still achieving the best possible results.

Advanced - Tesla Model X ONE Piece Mirror Wrap

I've shown you how to do this in two pieces on YouTube, now it's time to learn how to wrap this mirror in one piece. Installing the film without a seam can give a much better appearance as long as the color and finish has been maintained. Installing in one piece can also run a greater risk of failure.

Tesla Mirror Chrome Trim Delete

This is how you vinyl wrap the chrome trim that goes around the Tesla mirrors.

Post Heating - How It Works To Save Your Wrap

Showing you how important post heating is. This is a clear example of how hitting the correct post heat temperature can increase the durability and longevity of your wrap projects when there are areas under tension

Disassembly - Tesla Model 3 door panel, mirror removal (+cap) & chrome trim dismantle

In this video I break down how to pop off the side mirror cap on a Tesla, including the door panel, removing the mirror completely and dismantling the chrome trim. 

Removing the mirror caps on Tesla's is universal as this method works the same on each model. Then I show you how to un-lodge the actual mirror assembly from the chrome trim base. Once we do that, we're going to remove the interior door panel screws and panel itself which will give us access to the wires and screws for the mirror. When the mirror is fully removed I then show you how to dismantle the chrome trim from the mirror assembly. By doing all of this it allows you to complete a seamless and very thorough chrome trim delete.