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Disassembly - Subaru BRZ Door Panel, Door Handle & Side Mirror

This series of removing the door panel, door handle and side mirror are some of the most tricky I have ever done. Experience in disassembly comes in to play at this point but I show you how to go about removing these pieces on a Subaru BRZ. Normally Japanese made vehicles are some of the easiest but not in the case of the Subaru BRZ. I had to think outside of the box and use knowledge that I had gained recently from the Lamborghini Aventador side mirror removal. This video will speed things up for you and also prevent you from causing any damage.

Disassembly - Subaru BRZ / Toyota FRS Full Trim Removal

I decided to make one video for the trim removal on a Subaru BRZ, this might also apply to the Toyota FRS. Removing trim pieces is essential. It would allow you to have a much cleaner and easier installation. Knowing how to remove these pieces is a key component in saving you time and liability. Seeing and understanding what could go wrong will hopefully save you from having to replace any parts. Out of all things to break it is normally just clips which are easily replaced for low cost. After removing these parts, you'll be able to clean the area they were covering which will prevent and or eliminate dirt of particles from getting under your hard work.

Installation - Audi S8 Chrome Front Bumper Wrap With Inlays

After removing the wrap on the front bumper of the Audi S8 I then had to prep the surface using a wet sand in order to smooth it out as much as possible. By no means am I a body work expert but I did my best. The end result was much better than it looked when coming in. 

When working with chrome film, we normally have few chances to get it right. Most times we have just one shot at getting the film setup and in place. The more we move and heat it, the worse the end result will be. Working with chrome requires a very particular style of material handling and this is where experience really comes into play. It is not recommended to wrap with chrome until you're totally comfortable wrapping any vehicle. The cost of learning how to use chrome through trial and error can be quite costly. It is also highly recommended to use more than one person when installing, typically you'll want 2-3 installers working on a bumper. Even though this bumper is an easier bumper to wrap, it still took me roughly 2 hours to wrap. Given using an easier film, I would have had this bumper wrapped in 45-60 minutes.

General - Chrome Bumper Wrap Removal & It Peeled The Paint

Sometimes paint will remove with the wrap when you're removing the film. In this situation, the bumper had been repainted (very poorly) as is the case many times and the paint came off with the wrap. I'll have a follow up video on what to do when this happens or prior to this happening. We can't always know that a panel or car has been repainted when it comes time to remove a wrap. Especially if the wrap was done by a different shop.

Disassembly - How To Disassemble An Audi S8 Front Bumper

Sometimes disassembly can be easy. Take this Audi S8 for example. The main parts that we need to remove can be done so without removing the front bumper. Removing the panels as shown will make your life easier and the end result will be much cleaner. Unfortunately not all bumpers are the same when it comes to disassembly but you can find some resemblances.

General - Battle Of The Brands | Which Brand Of Vinyl Is The Best To Suit You

I've been asked many times, what is the best brand of vinyl to use? The answer to this is simple for me but in this video I'll go through the details of different brands, explaining their pro's and con's. While also showing you some key qualities each of them have. Usability, pliability, longevity, weaknesses, strengths, quality and finish. There are many factors that play a role in what brand of film to use and each brand has some great qualities.

Advanced - Inlay Setup With Full Bumper Wrap Using Brushed Metal Lamborghini Aventador

This bumper is a great example in knowing where, why and how to set up inlays for durability and aesthetic purposes.  When we're faced with sharp angles, deep recesses and hard body lines we need to find a way to use inlays. The surface area in these recesses is very small, and once the film is stretched in it will most likely fail due to the adhesive not being able to grab on the tight surface area. The films natural memory will constantly be wanting to pull the film out of the recess which in turn will lead to failure (bubbling or bulging outward). On top of the limitations of the films adhesive, you'll want to maintain the textured finish in the brushed metal, dry carbon fiber, chrome or any other material which shows discoloration / distortion once stretched too far.

In this video I'll show you how to set up your inlays, what to look for and how to utilize body lines for a clean install. Once complete, I take you for an up close view of the end result.

Advanced - Brushed Metal Corners On Hard Body Lines

What do you do with your corners when you're wrapping a panel (like a door) which has hard body lines? In more situations the film will bunch up, wrinkle or crease when wrapping around these specific types of corners. 

In this video I show you how to achieve a nicer looking and longer last corner with this technique.

Installation - Wrapping A Roof Without A Gap Using A Seam & 2 Different Colors

Ever wonder how to wrap a roof in 2 pieces using a seam? In some cases there are vehicles don't have a drip sill or trim to cover for water run off. With those types of vehicles the roof is connected to the rear quarter panels which means your film won't be able to reach. You'll need to break it up into 3 sections by using seams and possibly gloss black for the middle of the roof to make the seam less noticeable but also giving a panoramic roof effect. I'll show you what to do and how to achieve great results in this detailed installation video.

Advanced Installation - Avery Brushed Black

Brushed metal finishes require of a much different style of material handling in order to maintain a clean install. It's also important to keep in mind that this material is directional. You'll want to run the hood streamlined with the rest of the vehicle, even if the hood is larger than 60" wide. I show you how to wrap a hood larger than 60" wide without using a seam. I'll also show you what happens when you distort the brushed metal film and how it will drastically effect the outcome of the final presentation.

Disassembly - Tesla Model 3 Screen Removal

Showing you how to remove the monitor on a Tesla Model 3 so that you're able to have access and wrap all interior trim more easily. The interior trim pieces do remove, but it takes much longer and also has a high risk of damaging. Removing the monitor is an effective and efficient solution to gaining better access.

Installation - Tail Light Tint 2018 Honda Civic

Tinting the new generation of Honda Civic lights is an advanced task, especially when you don't know where to begin or what can actually be done. In this video I take you a little deeper into what can and can not be tinted because of physical and material limitations.