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Hexis Front Fender Wrap (With Mistake) - Lexus RC300


Taking you through the paces of wrapping a front fender in Hexis. Not your typical brand of fil...

Inozetek Front Fender Wrap - BMW M4


This is a new film to hit the market as of late 2019, early 2020. I have never used this film f...

Chrome Fender Wrap - Infiniti Q50


In this video I switch into the new Camera Glasses to give you a better POV. This is especially...

Installation - McLaren 570S Fender Wrap with Cut & Split Technique

This is a challenging fender to wrap, mainly do to the fact that there is no large flat area to...

Installation - Subaru BRZ Front Fender Wrap Using A Seam & 2 Pieces

For this particular style of fender I used a seam and did it in 2 pieces. In the video I explai...

Technique - Pillar Tucking Behind Front Fender + Istallation Tesla Model 3

Tucking film into the Pillar area which meets the front fender can be tricky and usually result...

Installation - Detailed Front Fender Wrap Kia Stinger

This installation video is detailed and will show you how to wrap the front fender on a Kia Sti...

Front Fender - Mercedes GTS

Avery satin pearl white 

Front Fender Vinyl Wrap - Camaro 2016

Vinyl wrap squeegee techniques 

How to vinyl wrap a fender - Camaro 2016

Showing you step by step how to wrap a fender

Front Fender Vinyl Wrap - Honda S2000

How To Vinyl Wrap A Honda S2000 Front Fender 

Front Fender Vinyl Wrap - Honda Civic Type R

How To Vinyl Wrap With Brushed Metal On A Honda Civic Typer R