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What Is Pre Shrinking? Why and How to use it

In this video I explain and demonstrate what pre shrinking can do for you to drastically improve the quality and durability of your vinyl wrap installation. This technique is particularly helpful when it comes to areas where you may feel stuck with too much excess film.

Heating & stretching over a large area + Tack Reducer

How does Tack Reducer work and why might you need it? 
Also showing you how to stretch over a large area and why it's so important that you do this

Wrapping over stone chips

What happens when you wrap over stone chips?

Cutting Vinyl on Vinyl

When wrapping a vehicle you will eventually run into a situation where you will need to cut the vinyl on top of paint. Learning how to practice this before the time comes is very important. In this video I'll show you how.

Disassembly - 2018 Audi A4 Door Handle Removal

The Audi A4 door handle can be a tricky one to remove. This video shows and explains in detail how to remove this particular handle

Disassembly - 2018 Audi A4 Door Panel Removal

Removing the inside door panel on an Audi A4. The process to do this will be nearly the same for each door panel on this vehicle.

Audi A4 Chrome Trim Delete part 3

Wrapping the rear quarter window chrome trim on an Audi A4

Audi A4 Chrome Trim Delete part 2

Wrapping the upper window trims on an Audi A4 in gloss black

Audi A4 Chrome Window Trim Delete Part 1

Wrapping the lower window trim on an Audi A4

BMW I3 Rear Bumper Panel Wrap - Wrapping Panels That Aren't Mounted

Wrapping a panel while it isn't mounted can be difficult and usually require a second person to help

Disassembly - BMW I3 Door Handle Removal

Full disassembly of a door handle on a BMW I3. This is a tricky little handle to remove but I show you how.

BMW I3 One Piece Mirror Cap Wrap - How to do it

Sometimes it is possible to wrap objects and panels without using seams. Knowing how to do it and when the time is right is important for a more seamless overall appearance.