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Wrap Over PRIMER! Lamborghini Huracan Front Bumper

Can you wrap over an unpainted surface? In this case this is a primed surface which has a very low energy level.

Vehicle Wrap Preparation 101 - All The Details

Walking you through vehicle prep and what you need to do to ensure you have the cleanest finish possible

These films are NOT as easy to install as they state!

Why are these films so difficult to install? What appears to be easy and is sold as easy application isn't always true.

Disassembly - Lamborhini Huracan Door Panel, Window AND Side Mirror Removal

The only video on the internet showing you how to remove the door panel, window and side mirror on a Lamborghini Huracan with full detail!

Are These Vinyl Wrap Brands Directional!!??

This is a clear demonstration that you need to run all of your films in the same direction as often as possible. some exceptions can be made when wrapping hoods larger than 60"

What Happened To The Adhesive? Wrap Removal

This is a clear example that films need time to cure. Allowing adequate cure time will ensure a longer lasting and more durable application

How To Emboss A Decal With Improvised Premask Tape

Sometimes you don't have all the tools to do the job but in some cases we can improvise. Showing you what you need to do to emboss a decal.