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Material Handling - Brushed Metal Films

Textured films which include dry carbon fiber, brushed metal or anything else with a matte / satin finish which has a texture or grain to it require a special type of material handling. In this video I show you how the finish can be damaged easily but also how to maintain the finish when installing these types of films.

Technique + Install - Rocker Panel Side Skirt Wrap (Going in Further)

Using masking tape in different ways can help you to achieve better results by being able to attain more thorough coverage. This video shows you how to get better coverage.

Installation - Vvivid Tech Art Carbon Fiber BMW Roof Wrap

Installing Vvivid Tech Art Gloss Carbon Fiber on a roof can be a difficult task when wrapping solo. Especially when it comes you need to wrap around a partial shark fin antenna. I show you from beginning to end, how to pull the film, what products to use and how to tuck everything away for a super clean finish that looks like real carbon fiber.

Technique - Cut & Drop (Reverse)

This video will teach you how to do a "cut & drop" but in a reverse fashion where we do this on the upper side as opposed to the lower. Using this technique is mandatory when it comes to setting up your inlays and then wrapping over the main section of panel.

How To - Set Up Front Bumper Inlay | E46 BMW M3

It can be tricky to know when, where, why and how to set up your panels with inlays. Usually there isn't only one option on how you can set up an inlay. In this video, I show and explain what an inlay is, where to use it and how to do it.

Technique - How To Make A Template For Your Inlays

Sometimes it can be difficult setting up your inlays, especially when something is blocking your way. In this video I show you the entire process on how to make a template for an inlay. I also explain why you might need to use this method.

Technique - Wrapping A Corner Adhesive Side Facing Out

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate that when the proper technique is used it doesn't matter how much adhesive there is. The film to wrap itself properly around and adhere to a corner perfectly when this is done correctly.

Technique - Cut & Fold on Two Different Corners

Learn why a cut & fold is sometimes the best option. How do it so that it looks it's best.

Technique - Expanded Pocket Laying Into Recessed Areas

I frequently use this technique throughout most wraps in order to reduce or eliminate strain completely in recessed areas. This technique can be used in many different places like the hood, front bumper, door jambs and the rear bumper as demonstrated in this video.

The Invisible Seam - Using a Butt Joint

Sometimes you end up in a situation where you need to do a seam because you're either not able to maintain the finish or your skill level isn't allowing you to do the job in one piece. This Invisible Seam is a great way to cover up and hide the seam you may not want to do but it'll allow you to still be proud of your work

Vinyl Wrap Wallrack System - Inexpensive

The most inexpensive and durable vinyl wrap wall rack system you'll ever find. Easy to install and saves you hundreds of dollars from buying something premade by someone else. It adds functionality and also esthetics to your workspace.

Ferrari Lusso front fender wrap - Logo & Grill Workaround

Sometimes it really isn't efficient to remove certain things from a car. In this case removing the fender logo as well as fender grill inserts is very time consuming. With patience skill and the right tools, you can achieve a great result. On top of this we also save time.