CK Wraps Premium Member Testimonials

love the platform. love the help and the community that it has created! ~ Darrel Juni
I think this website is hands down one of the single best resources I have found for vinyl wrap information. I love the forums which are full of information that is easily accessible. The videos are great quality and very informative. The location board is awesome and the community that has built up around this site is amazing. Thanks to Christian and all the other premium members for making this little space on the interwebs badass!! ~ Robin Hood
love the new platform and the quick replies. This platform has already saved me 100$ in the first month of mistakes I would have made. The monthly cost is really nothing compared to the amount of mistakes I have avoided. Thanks ! ~ Ryan Gun
We love the new site! I think its going to be great to have a positive, industry insider forum to discuss latest trends, techniques and technologies.
Eventually once it grows, would love to see an app.
We are very thankful to be a part of this community! ~ FlexiShield
Looking forward to the giveaways and contest ! I've already saved money using this platform for 1 week !

thanks guys ~ Giovanni Tecce
I really didn't think CK would be as active as he is on the Forum, I really like that, it shows he really cares and actually wants to help us.

Thanks CK! ~ James Dean
Really like the platform, has helped me with my wrap business tremendously. ~ Sean Oneill
This platform has been everything and more that I needed to make me better at wrapping. Ever since I signed up for the premium membership my business and quality has been growing. I 100% recommend this platform to anyone in the wrapping community. Thank you CKwraps! ~ Rashawn Brown
I have a shop and the forum has helped me avoid mistakes & save money. Have to agree with many of the other testimonials here that said that.

looking forward to giveaways ! ~ Lukas Bender
hey from Cali, love the videos , forum and giveaways. thanks CK ! ~ Sam Goseling
The most important thing I can say about this platform as a beginner is that it has saved me money, which I appreciate as a Diy'er with a low budget I can't afford to make too many mistakes. The amount you pay to be a member is so little compared to the money I've saved and knowledge I've gained, thanks CK! ~ Matthew Dunn
CKWraps is doing it right. The amount of knowledge and support you gain from here is amazing. I get quick responses to my questions and save myself a lot of heartache from needless warp failures, and ultimately save myself some money!! For a lot of people just starting off like myself, you’ll be saving yourself way more money than it costs to be a member here with CKWraps. ~ Danny Almazan