CK Wraps Premium Member Testimonials

The most important thing I can say about this platform as a beginner is that it has saved me money, which I appreciate as a Diy'er with a low budget I can't afford to make too many mistakes. The amount you pay to be a member is so little compared to the money I've saved and knowledge I've gained, thanks CK! ~ Matthew Dunn
CKWraps is doing it right. The amount of knowledge and support you gain from here is amazing. I get quick responses to my questions and save myself a lot of heartache from needless warp failures, and ultimately save myself some money!! For a lot of people just starting off like myself, you’ll be saving yourself way more money than it costs to be a member here with CKWraps. ~ Danny Almazan
Salut, from Quebec here. I love the videos and the Forum, keep it up ! ~ Jean Guy
hi from carribean, long time follower. i enjoy the new platform, been very helpful for my wrap business here.

take care mon' ~ Saheed Aly
Love the new platform. I can't wait to see Wrap of the Month , that's going to be fun!
Keep up the great work Christian from France ! ~ Zachary Francois
love the 4K content and the videos. It's definitely a step up from the Youtube content. Love the Forum, I like the positivity, it's very different from forums you find online where people are just rude.

keep it up! ~ Darron Rogers
This Forum has already saved us $ on mistakes we were going to make. Finally a forum where beginners can talk about their problems and issues without getting trolled or made fun of. Thank you for this Christian. ~ Kyle Reid
Absolutely top notch site, built by a team with real passion in the industry. The amount of information and coaching will blow you away, and the community on the forums is fantastic and growing. Great place to learn, share and communicate.
Keep up the amazing work guys, got something special here. ✌️ ~ Ryan baker
First of all, I would like to thank CK for inspiring my contact with the envelope field. I learned a lot from CK's videos shared on Youtube and learned more about the details and techniques. This is a great choice for beginners.
There are a lot of related videos on youtube, but most of them can't share the key points or tips to the general audience. This is why I chose to join the CK forum. I saw the intention of CK, and of course I would like to thank all the friends who are willing to share. work hard together.

I am sorry that my English is not good, as I said im Chinese.

A friend from Taiwan, Reborn ~ Reborn
I really like the forum and how active CK Wraps is, answering our questions every day. I know he advertised it as he would be answering questions, but I honestly didn't think he would be answering questions pretty much every single day. Way to stick with your word ! Love the new platform, can't wait for wrap of the month and giveaways ! ~ JL wraps
I have been in the wrap industry now for almost 10 years and have always wanted something just like this community where installers can talk to installers ask questions and help each other out with and share knowledge. Add in all the amazing videos this is going to be one of the most Important tools in your tool belt. ~ Nolan ~ N.W Graphics Calgary, AB
hi from the UK. Long time follower. As soon as you opened this platform I had to subscribe right away. The content and quality of the videos are 1000x better on the website vs your Youtube channel ( no offence ). Looking forward to the wrap of the month contest ! ~ Ali